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The Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland, has a very distinctive and memorable athletic emblem.

Meaning and history

Morgan State Bears Logo history

1989 – 2001

Morgan State Bears Logo-1989

While the older Morgan State Bears logo used in 1989-2001 did its job well enough, we probably should not take it very seriously – it lacked the sporty feel necessary for a successful athletic emblem. It could have belonged to an infant nutrition brand.

2002 – Today

Morgan State Bears Logo

The 2002 version was totally different due to the ferocious bear with its sharp fangs and claws. The creature was depicted above the lettering “Morgan State Bears” where the first two words were larger than the third one. The same year, the university adopted an alternative logo, where the bear was depicted at a slightly different angle. You could see only the animal’s head looking forward.

Later, the school replaced the primary emblem with the alternative one. So, today, the main Morgan State Bears logo is the one where there is only the bear’s head.

Morgan State Bears basketball

Morgan State Bears basketball logo

The basketball program plays in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference. The men’s team of Morgan State University became the NCAA Tournament Division II Champions in 1974. It has made five NCAA Tournament appearances. The women’s team, the Lady Bears, play in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference.