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Tazo is a specialty tea and herbal tea blender, owned by Unilever, a global company known for its diverse brand portfolio. The company stands out for its innovative blends and unique flavor profiles, offering a variety of black, green, and herbal teas. Tazo operates predominantly in North America, but its products are available globally, catering to a diverse international audience seeking premium tea experiences.

Meaning and history

Tazo Logo history

Tazo was founded in 1994 by Steven Smith, who was already renowned in the tea industry for his previous ventures. The company quickly distinguished itself with its eclectic and bold tea blends, gaining a reputation for both quality and creativity. Tazo’s early days were marked by rapid growth and success, leading to its acquisition by Starbucks in 1998 for $8.1 million. This partnership significantly expanded Tazo’s market presence and distribution capabilities.

Under Starbucks, Tazo flourished, becoming a staple in Starbucks cafes and retail stores across the United States. The brand further expanded its product line to include bottled teas, tea lattes, and a range of organic products, solidifying its position in the premium tea market. In 2017, Unilever acquired Tazo from Starbucks for $384 million, aiming to enhance its global tea business. Today, Tazo continues to innovate and grow, maintaining its status as a leader in the specialty tea market, known for its unique and forward-thinking approach to tea blending.

What is Tazo?
It’s a company that specializes in creating distinctive tea blends, ranging from traditional favorites to unexpected concoctions. Founded with a passion for quality and innovation, Tazo continues to delight tea enthusiasts worldwide with its bold flavors and ethical sourcing practices.

1994 – 2006

Tazo Logo 1994

The Tazo logo from 1994 features a bold and distinctive design, embodying a rustic and ancient aesthetic that aligns with the brand’s emphasis on the rich heritage of tea. The logo is enclosed within a rectangular border with a textured black background that gives it a worn, vintage appearance, adding a sense of history and tradition. The brand name “TAZO” is written in a unique serif font, with each letter spaced evenly and adorned with subtle, artistic details. Notably, the “T” and the “O” are stylized with additional crossbars and a circle, respectively, which evoke symbols often associated with ancient civilizations and mysticism. This design choice enhances the logo’s appeal by suggesting a connection to traditional and time-honored tea-making practices. The white lettering stands out starkly against the black background, ensuring high visibility and readability. Overall, this logo effectively communicates Tazo’s commitment to providing a tea experience that is both authentic and steeped in history.

2006 – 2013

Tazo Logo 2006

The 2006 Tazo logo retains the core elements of the original design while adopting a cleaner and more refined look. The logo is set against a solid black background, enclosed within a neat rectangular border. The brand name “TAZO” is displayed in the same distinctive serif font, but the letters are more streamlined and polished, enhancing readability and visual appeal. The unique styling of the “T” with its additional crossbar and the circular “O” remain, preserving the logo’s connection to ancient symbols and mysticism. This version of the logo conveys a sense of sophistication and modernity while still honoring the brand’s roots in tradition. The use of white text against the black background creates a strong contrast, ensuring the logo remains striking and memorable. This design effectively bridges the gap between Tazo’s historical inspiration and its contemporary appeal, making it suitable for a wide range of marketing materials and product packaging.

2013 – Today

Tazo Logo

The current Tazo logo embraces a minimalist and modern approach, reflecting the brand’s evolution and contemporary positioning. This version features the brand name “TAZO” in a bold, sans-serif font that is clean and highly legible. The letters are evenly spaced, and the overall design is free of any decorative elements, focusing on simplicity and clarity. The deep brown color of the text conveys a sense of warmth and earthiness, aligning with the natural origins of tea. The “A” and “Z” are slightly stylized with clean, angular lines, while the “O” is a perfect circle, giving the logo a balanced and harmonious appearance. This minimalist design is versatile and easily adaptable across various media, from digital platforms to physical product packaging. The modern aesthetic of this logo ensures it appeals to contemporary consumers who value simplicity and authenticity. Overall, the current Tazo logo effectively communicates the brand’s commitment to providing high-quality tea products in a straightforward and approachable manner.

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