Gatorade Logo

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Gatorade Logo
Since the 1970’s redesign, the Gatorade logo did not change that much until 2008, when a completely new design was introduced. However, the lightning bolt, which has been the distinctive feature of the logotype for almost all of its history, has remained.

Meaning and history

Gatorade Logo history

The earliest Gatorade logo (1965), which combines black letters in several typefaces, looks totally old-fashioned now. As soon as in five years, the orange lightning bolt design theme was introduced, which has been present on the logotype ever since. The first lightning bolt was rather large; it went through the name of the drink (in the aqua color) and the text below it (in blue). In 1986, the font used for the text in blue was modified.

Symbol in 1991-1998

gatorade symbol
The iconic lightning bolt stayed the same, while the name of the drink and the lettering “Thirst quencher” were placed not horizontally, but at a sharp angle. In 1994, the angle and the typeface were slightly altered. The version of the Gatorade emblem introduced in 1994 is the most recognizable one.

The 2008 emblem

gatorade emblem
The logo is built around a capital letter “G”. The lightning bolt, which acquired a flatter, less realistic look, has grown smaller. Now, it has been placed inside the “G”.


font gatorade logo
All the versions feature a custom drawn serif typeface. There are, however, several fonts that share something in common with it. For instance, the international logo has similarities with the Linotype Rory Oblique. The classic label sported a different font, a bolt sans serif one.


Color gatorade logo
The international version of the Gatorade logo combines dark grey (for the letter), black and two shades of orange (for the lightning bolt), and white for the outline. The palette of the special edition logo launched in North America in 2015 was more complex. In addition to orange, grey, yellow, black, and white, it also included bright shades of green.
new gatorade logo