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Courvoisier is the luxury brand of a French Cognac, which was established in 1935 and bought by the Japanese Suntory Group. It is considered one of the best and most well-known brands of cognac in the world and has its production facilities in Charente.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the famous French Cognac is based on history and the company’s legacy. Its elegant logo is not overloaded by additional details but looks just properly.

The Courvoisier logo is composed of a sophisticated wordmark and a small emblem above it. There are different options for its color palette, depending on the type of cognac and the background color of the banner, but usually, the logo is executed in gold or monochrome.

Logo Courvoisier

The iconic emblem, the silhouette of Napoleon Bonaparte, has been used by the brand since 1950, along with its motto “The Brandy of Napoleon”. Another interesting fact, connecting Courvoisier to the emperor is that the company called its elegant and unique bottle shape Joséphine.

The Courvoisier logo is one of those, who have not been changed for decades, and even after the brand was acquired by Suntory in 2005, the visual identity remained the same, as the tribute to the cognac’s roots and a visible connection to the history of France.

The logo, composed of only two elements, usually executed in one color, has its wordmark as the main and the most recognizable element. Executed in a custom elegant serif typeface, which is very close to the most traditional and classy fonts such as Goudy, Bella, and Aries, the inscription has some of the letters modified in prefer to make the logo unique and remarkable.

Courvoisier Logo

The elongated and curved tail of the letter “R” adds some playfulness and luxury at the same time, while the contour of the letter “V” represents modernity and style.

The “Le Cognac de Napoleon” tagline is written in a sleek cursive, with delicate vignettes and curved lines.