Dr Pepper Logo

Dr Pepper Logo

Although the Dr Pepper logo has undergone several modifications, it has preserved its basic structure. It has been built around the wordmark since 1885 and has featured red since the 1920s.

Meaning and history Dr Pepper Logo

DR PEPPER logo history

It is hardly possible to trace the very first logo and determine the exact month or even year when it made its debut. However, taking into consideration that the company was established in 1985, we are safe to assume that the first commercial logotypes appeared somewhere around this time. The label that could be seen on the first bottles included the wordmark featuring a beautiful script and the text “The King of Beverages” below.

Logo Dr Pepper

As the result of the 1920 logo update, the slogan was replaced by a new one, “Good for Life”. Also, it was then that the red color appeared on the label. The very shape of the characters, however, remained almost the same.

Emblem Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper emblem

In the 1950s the full stop was removed from the Dr Pepper logo, while the curvy script was replaced by a bold italic sans serif font.

The 1956 version experimented with a new color (yellow), but the designers got rid of it as soon as in 1958. Throughout the following decades, there was some playing with the typeface and the shades of red.

Current Dr Pepper symbol

Dr Pepper symbol

In 2006, the company adopted a symbol resembling a seal (or an enlarged bubble). The white letters appeared against the dark red background. In 2015, the colors were reversed, due to which the “bubble” effect became less noticeable.

Font of the Dr Pepper Logo

Font Dr Pepper Logo

The custom typeface looks unique due to the somewhat unusual curves, especially in the letters “r” and “d”. The most recognizable letter is probably the first one, with its distinctive upper part forming an oval around the wordmark.

Color of the Dr Pepper Logo

Color Dr Pepper Logo

Since 1920s, red has been the king for the Dr Pepper logo. And yet, it has not been the same shade of red. The company has experimented quite a bit, until it came to the rather discreet and dark red the wordmark features now.

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