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Tauro Sport Auto is a Spanish high-performance automaker. Founded by Pedro J. Santos, the company specializes in crafting limited-production cars, borrowing their base from familiar models but modifying them extensively. Located in Valladolid, Spain, they’ve made significant strides in the niche world of bespoke sports cars, primarily in the European market.

Meaning and history

Tauro Sport Auto Logo

Established by Pedro J Santos, Tauro Sport Auto embarked on its journey in the automotive world from Valladolid, Spain. Throughout its existence, this Spanish automaker has focused on producing exclusive, high-performance vehicles, often reimagining popular models with significant modifications to cater to the high-end market. Among their notable achievements, the production of the Tauro V8 stands out, capturing attention in the European luxury car segment. Today, the company continues to be a beacon of Spanish craftsmanship, serving a niche clientele with its bespoke vehicles.

What is Tauro Sport Auto?
Tauro Sport Auto is a Spanish automaker, renowned for producing limited-edition, high-performance vehicles. Founded by Pedro J Santos and headquartered in Valladolid, they’ve carved a niche in the luxury car segment.