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Tanqueray is a British brand of gin, first distilled by Charles Tanqueray in 1830, in London. It is now owned by Diageo Group and produced in Scotland. In 2016 Tanqueray gin replaced Beefeater as the number one global seller.

Meaning and history

Tanqueray Logo

Tanqueray’s logo is not the most recognizable element in the trinity of brand elements, (logo, color and typeface), its colors are. Tanqueray gin is known for its green-white-red tricolor. The green bottle and its red seal – a familiar sight amongst the other bottles of spirits.
The bottle, which is meant to resemble a 1920s cocktail shaker, was designed in 1948. The red seal with the “T” is Mr Tanqueray the elder’s signature. The Tanqueray T-seal resembles a real wax seal and strengthens the bottle’s superiority.
One more Tanqueray logo detail is a small silver coat of arms depicting a pineapple and two axes. The axes symbolize the Tanqueray family’s involvement in the third crusades, and the pineapple represents a nod to Victorian opulence, it is also known as the historic symbol of hospitality and warm welcome.
The wordmark is executed in bold black cursive on the white background, and it’s look and design are quite simple.
The Tanqueray logo shows its Britishness, class, timelessness and confidence.