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Barq’s is a spirited root beer brand with a caffeine-infused twist, concocted by Edward Barq in the coastal city of Biloxi, Mississippi. It was birthed to offer a robust alternative in the soft drink market, quickly becoming a Southern staple renowned for its vibrant flavor and invigorating kick.

Meaning and history

Barq’s Logo history

In 1898, the effervescent tale of Barq’s began with Edward Barq’s vision in Biloxi, Mississippi, who defied convention by crafting a root beer with gusto and a caffeine kick. This wasn’t mere serendipity but a calculated rebellion against the sweeter norm. Barq’s concoction became a whispered secret in the South, a beloved fixture at gatherings and on porches.

Barq’s Brothers Bottling Company burgeoned, outgrowing its local roots. By 1976, new ownership catapulted the drink from Southern gem to national treasure, and in 1995, the Coca-Cola Company, recognizing Barq’s unique position in the soda tapestry, wove it into its global tapestry.

This drink’s essence, its soul, remains untainted—still served with the same boldness as when Edward first bottled it. Barq’s story is more than just a corporate chronicle; it’s a testament to taste and tradition, with each sip an homage to its Mississippi heritage. It’s the story of a drink that isn’t just sipped, but savored, a flavor that doesn’t just fizz—it dances on the tongue, a brand that didn’t just market—it entered hearts.

What is Barq’s?
Barq’s stands as a daring rendition of root beer, infused with caffeine for an invigorating jolt, a legacy crafted by Edward Barq on the Gulf Coast. It’s a symphony of bold flavor, carving its niche in a market of milder tastes, a beverage that both refreshes and energizes.

Before 1978

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The Barq’s logo unfurls in an elegant dance of black script, with the ‘B’ and ‘q’ sweeping with particular flair. Each letter’s generous curves suggest a classic, timeless feel, while the apostrophe adds a playful touch. The logo’s fluidity mirrors the beverage’s lively fizz, capturing the essence of a brand that prides itself on tradition and taste.

1978 – Today

Barq's logo

In this rendition of the Barq’s logo, the script leaps forward in crisp white against a stark black shadow, creating a striking visual pop. This interplay of light and dark gives the logo a bold, contemporary edge while maintaining its classic script charm. The design captures attention, symbolizing the brand’s vivacious spirit with a fresh, modern twist.