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Originating from the United States, this vodka brand, known as Rain, crafts its distinct spirit using a corn base. A unique combination of diamond particles and activated charcoal serves as its filtration system, ensuring unparalleled purity. Remarkably, Rain’s clarity is so refined that it possesses a nearly neutral flavor profile.

Belonging to the ultra-premium tier of beverages, this vodka has garnered immense popularity within American shores. The name “Rain” isn’t just a moniker; it’s an embodiment of the brand’s commitment to purity.

Meaning and history

RAIN vodka embodies the essence of American spirits with its corn foundation. This grain, quintessential to U.S. libations, forms the heart of RAIN. Through an intricate seven-step distillation process, any overpowering flavor is masterfully subdued. Beyond that, a unique dual filtration system, using both carbon particles and exquisite diamonds, is employed. This ensures unparalleled clarity and cleanliness in every sip. The dedication to perfection is evident, blending tradition with luxury, as this vodka stands as a testament to refined craftsmanship.


Rain Logo

The logo showcases an elegant and fluid calligraphy of the word “Rain” in a bold blue hue. The initial letter “R” boasts a pronounced curve, reminiscent of a raindrop in mid-fall. The subsequent letters flow seamlessly, with the “i” being accentuated by two droplets above it. The design culminates in a gentle wave-like underlining, further evoking the essence of water. The overall style is both sophisticated and organic, perfectly capturing the refreshing and pure nature of rain.