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Laplandia is a renowned vodka brand, leveraging the pristine nature of the Finnish Lapland. Currently, they are dedicated to crafting premium vodka using natural Arctic spring water and high-quality wheat, creating a distinct taste. Active mainly in the premium spirits market, they’ve garnered international attention, especially in Europe and parts of Asia. While detailed ownership might vary over time, it’s essential to verify from current resources. Their commitment to purity and unique branding, inspired by the Arctic’s serenity, sets them apart in the crowded spirits landscape.

Meaning and history

Laplandia, inspired by the untouched beauty of Finnish Lapland, was born from a passion to create unparalleled vodka. The story began when founders, drawn by the purity of the Arctic region, envisioned a vodka that echoed this pristine environment.

In the early stages, the team tapped into the natural bounty of Lapland, using crystal-clear spring water and the finest grains. They established a distillation process that retained the essence of the raw ingredients, marking Laplandia’s commitment to quality.

As years progressed, the brand gained a reputation for its distinctive taste and purity, quickly securing its place in the premium vodka segment. Challenges arose, including adapting to the changing global spirits market and staying innovative amidst growing competition.

Throughout its journey, the company underwent ownership and strategic changes, always anchored by the goal to deliver the best vodka. The meticulous crafting process remained constant, although with modern enhancements to ensure quality and sustainability.

International accolades and awards soon followed, cementing Laplandia’s global standing. Key markets expanded beyond Finland to encompass Europe, Asia, and beyond. Collaborations with local artisans, limited editions, and innovative flavors were introduced, celebrating the brand’s rich heritage while embracing modernity.

While the precise details of ownership transitions and internal decisions are proprietary, the core of Laplandia’s story lies in its unwavering commitment to quality and the magic of Finnish Lapland. Today, the brand stands as a testament to the vision of its founders, the beauty of the Arctic, and the timeless appeal of exceptional vodka.


Laplandia Logo
At the centerpiece of the design is the bold, capitalized word “LAPLANDIA”, set in a contemporary typeface. Above the brand name, a half-circle in a muted gold hue evokes the subtle imagery of a setting or rising sun. Beneath the text, a pair of symmetrically placed reindeer, intricately detailed in grayscale, stand proudly with impressive antlers that seem to reach upwards and outwards, mirroring each other. These majestic creatures add a sense of wilderness and authenticity to the design. Enhancing the elegance, the cursive phrase “Land of purity” is inscribed beneath the reindeer in a golden script, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to natural and untainted quality. The backdrop is kept minimalistic, letting the logo’s elements shine unobstructed.