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Tamaris is the name of a German footwear brand, which was established in 1967 by Gorst Wortmann, and is owned by Wortmann Schuh-Holding KG. The company also owns such popular fashion brands as S. Oliver, Caprice, Marco Tozzi, and Jana.

Meaning and history

Tamaris is a footwear brand with a long and rich history. Founded in Deltmolde, a city in the northeast of Germany, today the label sells its products all over the globe. The Tamaris shoes have always had quality at the top of the value list, so they quickly conquered the hearts of the clients.

The founder of Tamaris, Gorst Wortmann, has always been trying to adopt innovations and the latest technologies into the manufacturing processes, and this is how the Antishokk technology was invented. The special stabilizers, built-in Tamaris shoes reduce the pressure on the joints and make it really easy to walk all day. Another innovation used in Tamaris shoes is Duo-Tex, a combined material, which helps to keep the inside of the shoe dry and warm.

The German shoe brand, named after its founder’s niece, Tamaris, does everything for its customers’ comfort and well-being, helping to keep the feet safe and relaxed.

Today Tamaris manufactures not only shoes, but also bags and accessories, and in 2019 the company started the production of umbrellas. Tamaris is a brand that never stops and keeps finding new solutions to make its customers happy.

Tamaris products can be found in more than 2,5 thousand stores in 70 countries across the globe, and the brand is considered to be one of the best internationally-recognized German labels.

What is Tamaris?

Tamaris is the footwear brand, which was established in Germany in 1967, and is a part of the Wortmann Schuh-Holding KG, a group, which owns several fashion labels. The Tamaris shoes can be found all over the globe, as the company has more than two thousand stores in different countries.

The founder of the brand, Gorst Wortmann, has taken an active part in the design and making of the brand. Tamaris got its name after Gorst’s niece, and the logo was personally approved by Wortmann.

1967 -Today

Tamaris Logo

While the handwritten touch brings the Tamaris logo close to such “handwritten” emblems as the Clarks logo or the Ray-Ban logo, it is better legible due to the gaps between the letters.

The initial “T” with its cross shape makes the emblem distinctive and highly recognizable. This is probably one of the reasons why the company uses the “T” as the short version of the logo.