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TagAZ, or Taganrog Automobile Plant, was a Russian car manufacturer founded in 1997. Located in Taganrog, Russia, the company started by producing vehicles under the license and technology of the South Korean company Daewoo Motors. TagAZ manufactured a range of passenger and commercial vehicles.

Meaning and history

The Taganrog Automotive Plant, initiated in 1997, was a major project fully financed by the Doninvest Finance & Industry Group. Starting with the assembly of Daewoo models, it expanded to produce vehicles like the Citroën Berlingo and various Hyundai models. The company also ventured into assembling cars from semi-knocked-down kits, like the Vortex Estina. A notable expansion was its planned $2 billion plant in Bangladesh, aimed at leveraging lower labor costs and export benefits. The plant’s diverse production included several other models, reflecting its significant capacity and ambition in the automotive industry.

Despite these efforts, financial challenges and market competition led to its bankruptcy in 2014, ending its run as a notable player in the Russian automotive sector.

What is TagAz?
TagAZ, short for Taganrog Automobile Plant, was a Russian automotive manufacturer. Established in 1997 in Taganrog, Russia, it initially produced vehicles under license from South Korean Daewoo Motors, later expanding its range to include various models, including collaborations with Hyundai. The company experienced diverse phases of development and collaborations, highlighting a significant presence in the Russian automotive industry before ceasing operations.

1997 – 2014

TagAz Logo

The emblem showcases an elegant interplay of geometry and symmetry, with a stylized triangle nested within an encompassing circle. The design is rendered in a crisp green hue against a white backdrop, conveying a sense of growth and vitality. The text “TAGAZ” is inscribed in a clean, sans-serif typeface, asserting a modern and professional image. This logo represents the fusion of dynamism and precision, emblematic of the automotive industry’s innovative spirit.

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