BAC Logo


BAC is a short name for Briggs Automotive Company, which was established in the United Kingdom in 2009, and named after its founders, the Briggs brothers. The small company, consisting of only twenty employees, is specialized in the design and production of high-performance racing cars.

Meaning and history

The logo of the young automaking brand was introduced in 2009 and has never been changed since that time. It is a very modern and sleek badge, executed in a monochrome palette, which featured a graphical part and a logotype, both used on their own.

The graphical part of the Briggs Automotive Company visual identity features an abstract composition, formed by two diagonal lines, and a figure, resembling the number “1”. The left diagonal element is twice thicker than the right one, and the third, “1”, the part has its right angle rounded and the left bar cut straight.

BAC Logo

This abstract emblem is based on three elements, like the name of the brand — in three letters. The geometric structure brilliantly represents the speedy spirit, motion, and freedom due to its diagonal lines, and the winning mood — with its stylized number “1”.

Sometimes the emblem is used as the part of a “Mono” nameplate, replacing its first letter. Surrounded by other letters, the symbol starts looking pretty much like “M”, balancing the look of the wordmark and making it unique and recognizable.

Font and color

BAC Font

The BAC logotype, which is used rarer than the graphical badge, is written in the uppercase of a custom sans-serif typeface, which was designed exclusively for the brand. The main feature of the inscription is its smooth lines and softened angles, mixed with sharp ones. The modern and stylish wordmark looks dynamic and energetic and is executed in a typeface, which is probably based on such fonts as Babylon Babylon Smooth and BD Telegraph.

The monochrome color palette of the Briggs Automotive Company is a trendy and confident choice that makes its abstract minimalist badge shine, elevating the image of the brand to heights.

Black in the BAC logo stands for high-quality, exquisite design and precision in everything the brand does. It is also a symbol of professionalism and stability, and the white background adds a sense of protection and trustworthiness.

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