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The Altoona Curve franchise was established in Altoona, Pennsylvania, in 1998. The team is the Double-A affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Meaning and history

Altoona Curve Logo history

While the name of the team contains an apparent reference to the Horseshoe Curve, a railroad curve located in the neighborhood, it was also inspired by a type of pitch called the curveball.

1999 — 2010

Altoona Curve Logo 1999The original Altoona Curve logo is a combination of the railroad and baseball themes. It depicts a baseball flying above a railroad track and leaving a cloud of dust and smoke behind. The word “Curve” is given in the way that it looks like a train. The design is placed inside a green rhombus with the lettering “Altoona” on the top.

2011 — Today

Altoona Curve logo


The current logo features a character who seems to be a train conductor and, at the same time, a baseball player. His face is placed over the Pennsylvania state emblem with the white lettering “Altoona” and the word “Curve” in bronze above.


Altoona Curve EmblemThe color scheme of the Altoona Curve logo doesn’t seem to have a clear connection with that of its parent team. Although the Pirate’s logo also includes yellow, black, and white, the shade of yellow is different here. The Pirates logo features a brighter gold shade, while the Altoona Curve emblem used a darker bronze shade. The overall palette is more vibrant, too. In addition to the colors mentioned above, it also contains gray and red.

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