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Stutz Motor Company is an American automotive brand primarily known for its luxury cars and sports cars. Originally founded by Harry C. Stutz in 1911, it no longer operates as a standalone entity but exists as a marque. The company’s headquarters was in Indianapolis, Indiana. Stutz gained fame for its performance in the inaugural Indianapolis 500 and was known for its Bearcat model—a sports car aimed at the luxury market. The company ceased operations in 1935, and various attempts to revive it in later decades have not returned it to its original prominence.

Meaning and history

Stutz Motor Company Logo history

Stutz Motor Company was established in 1911 by Harry C. Stutz, an American entrepreneur and engineer, in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company quickly rose to prominence by participating in the inaugural Indianapolis 500 with a car that was built in just five weeks. One of its iconic models was the Stutz Bearcat, a luxury sports car that became a status symbol in the 1910s and 1920s. Stutz was also known for innovations like the “Safety Stutz” line which incorporated various safety features, an uncommon focus for cars of that era.

Over the years, Stutz produced a range of high-quality vehicles including luxury sedans, limousines, and fire engines. The company even dabbled in race car manufacturing, though it was never able to win the Indianapolis 500.

Stutz Motor Company ceased operations in 1935 due to financial difficulties, and while there have been several attempts to revive the brand in the years since, none have succeeded in restoring it to its former glory. The brand currently exists as a dormant marque, mostly known for its historical significance in the American automotive industry.

What isStutz Motor Company?
Stutz Motor Company was an American automotive manufacturer founded by Harry C. Stutz in 1911. It was headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, and became famous for its luxury and sports cars, particularly the Stutz Bearcat. The company ceased operations in 1935 and currently exists as a dormant marque.

1911 – 1935

Stutz Motor Company Logo 1911

The original Stutz logo was designed at the beginning of the 1910s and stayed with the automaker until the middle of the 1930s. It was a roundel with a dark red central part and a wide white framing where the uppercase sans-serif lettering was written in glossy gold. The roundel was overlapped by a blue winged element with the white stylized name of the brand on it.

1971 – 1995

Stutz Motor Company Logo

The redesign of 1971 introduced a fancy minimalistic logo for the American car brand. It was also round, but with gold as the main shade now. The surface of the emblem was shiny yet matte, which looked very elegant. The central part of the badge was set in red and had a large golden “S” on it. As for the full name of the company, it was written around the perimeter of the frame, in blue sans-serif capitals.

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