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Mitsuoka Motors is a Japanese automobile manufacturer primarily focused on producing uniquely-styled, limited-edition cars. It was founded by Susumu Mitsuoka in 1968. The company specializes in redesigning existing models from other manufacturers, often giving them a classic, vintage look. Operating mainly in Japan, Mitsuoka also exports to various international markets, including the UK and Southeast Asia. The brand is known for models like the Orochi and the Viewt, which are remodeled versions of more mainstream cars.

Meaning and history

Mitsuoka Logo

Established in 1968 by Susumu Mitsuoka, Mitsuoka Motors is a Japanese carmaker that specializes in customizing existing automobile models to create limited-edition, retro-inspired vehicles. The company gained recognition for its innovative designs, most notably the Mitsuoka Viewt, a Nissan March-based car that resembles the classic Jaguar Mark II. Another iconic model is the Mitsuoka Orochi, which was produced from 2006 until 2014 and stood out as the brand’s supercar offering. Operating predominantly in Japan, the company has expanded its market reach to include the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Southeast Asian countries. Mitsuoka continues to maintain a niche but dedicated following, and it keeps innovating with unique designs based on popular automobile platforms.

What is Mitsuoka?
Mitsuoka Motors is a Japanese automotive manufacturer known for customizing existing car models to create limited-edition, retro-styled vehicles. Founded in 1968 by Susumu Mitsuoka, the company gained fame for models like the Viewt and Orochi. It operates mainly in Japan but also exports to some international markets.