St. John’s Red Storm Logo

St. John's Red Storm Logo

The 16 varsity teams competing at St. John’s University  in the U.S. state of New York  share the same name and logotype.

Meaning and history

St. John’s Red Storm Logo history

Since 1950, the St. John’s Red Storm logo has been modified around six times. The first emblem in this succession featured a large white “U” with orange trim and the lettering “ST. John’s” arched above it. The word “Redmen” (the old name of the program) was written across the “U.” The following two logotypes (1965 and 1980) were also typographical and featured the old name.

The 1992 emblem showcased a lightning bolt. In 2004, it was replaced by the simple lettering “St. John’s” in red. In 2007, only the letters “S” and “J” were left.

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