Big West Conference Logo

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The Big West Conference logo looks dynamic and edgy. It has been used since at least 2000. The illusion of motion appears due to the italicized typeface, which has been known as one of the most popular ways to imply speed.

The logo can be broken down into two parts. The design is dominated by the large words “Big West” in white with red and dark blue trim. The word “Conference” in white can be seen below. It is given against the dark blue background.

Meaning and history

Big West Conference Logo history

The history of the Big West Conference started in 1969. During its first years, it was known as the Pacific Coast Athletic Association, while the current name was adopted in 1988.


Big West Conference Logo old
The older design depicts the name of the conference, written in two lines of text. The two first words were put on top and written with bigger letters. They were tilted white characters with a red outline and a blocky serif font. The last word was placed beneath it. The font was the same, but the letters were smaller and scattered further apart. The whole emblem was put onto a dark blue background that mimicked the shape of text.


Big West Conference logo
The later designed rearranged the text into three lines of equally-sized letters. The font was an abrupt sort of sans-serif. The only special nuance is that the ‘B’ looked like a rotated ‘W’, and that’s it. The text said ’The Big West’, where the first word was grey, and the rest was colored black. There was also an emblem that was basically a slightly rotated and massively enlarged letter ‘W’.