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Space Jam Logo
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Space Jam is the name of a Warmer Brothers movie, where the real actors and sceneries are mixed with the animated character s from the WB cartoon. The movie was released in 1996, and its sequel, Space Jam: A New Legacy — is in 2021. The plot of the film is built around the story of aliens, stealing the powers of NBA players. Starring the legendary Michael Jordan.

Meaning and history

Space Jam Logo history
Space Jam is the only movie, where you can watch something, that was hard to imagine before. Cartoon characters play basketball with alien monsters and Michael Jordan. This animated sports comedy is really one of a kind.

Briefly, the plot of the movie is about the cartoon ish monsters who invade Earth, wanting to take over the popular Looney Tunes characters (Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny, Tweety, and others). The Earth critters, led by Bugs Bunny, to find a way to win the aliens offer them to play basketball and attract the basketball legend Michael Jordan to play for their team.

As for the sequel, released in 2021, it has a different story and a different basketball star in it. In Space Jam: A New Legacy, basketball player LeBron James and Bugs Bunny are trapped in virtual space by the rogue algorithm. LeBron has to unravel the mysterious villain’s plan and take part in an epic basketball game, where his opponents will be digital versions of all basketball superstars.

What is Space Jam?
Space Jam is the Joe Pytka movie, released in 1993. The movie combines the elements of a sports comedy and animation, where Michael Jordan plays with Bu gs Bunny and other Warner Brothers cartoon characters. In 2021 the sequel, Space Jam: A New Legacy, starring LeBron James, was released.

In terms of visual identity, Space Jam chooses its logo to be as crazy and intense, as the whole idea and execution of the movie itself. The logo is based on a graphical element inscribed into a hand-drawn logotype in an acid bright color palette. There is not much difference between the emblem from 1996 and 2021, although the sequel has an alternative version of the badge, which is a bit more modern and classy.


Space Jam
The logo, designed for the first part of Space Jam, featured a bold green uppercase lettering with the bright orbit, “put on” the vertical bar of the enlarged “J”. The orbit is composed of many layers, which can be seen in different colors, but the most common are orange and black, or red. It looks like it is moving, rotating around the axis, which is represented by the gradient green “J”. As for the lettering, it is outlined in white and features a pretty wide dark shadow, which strengthened and at the same time stabilized the badge.


Space Jam Logo
For the second part of the movie, Space Jam: A New Legacy, the primary logo remained almost untouched, just got its color palette intensified, and the digit “2” placed in the right from the inscription. The numeral features the same shades and style as the logotype, being slightly larger than most of the letters, but still a bit smaller than “J”.

logo Space Jam

The secondary version of the badge for the sequel boasts a three-dimensional inscription in dark blue, set in two levels and underlined by a gradient orange “A New Legacy” in a bold sans-serif typeface. The two main levels of the badge are separated from each other by the familiar wide orbit, which is here drawn in gradient orange with thin white lines.

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