RWBY is an anime-styled animated web series and media franchise. It was developed by Monty Oum, a web-based animator and writer, for the Rooster Teeth. The RWBY logo has been preserved virtually unchanged since it was first introduced.

Meaning and history

RWBY logo

The first episode was released on the Rooster Teeth’s official website in 2013. The franchise has a wordmark logo without any pictorial elements. It is often placed in various visual contexts (for instance, over the depictions of the main characters), so the lack of the pictorial part in the logo is only natural.
The letters, however, are picturesque in themselves. They have distinctive sharp “thorns” on the ends. The “thorns” are of various shapes and widths, yet all of them are pretty sharp.
The widths of the strokes forming the glyphs are more or less the same, with the exception of the top of the “R,” where a very thick stroke is combined with a very thin one.
The RWBY logo is typically white on the multi-color background, but can also feature other colors, for instance, dark red.