Southern Jaguars Logo

Southern Jaguars Logo

The men’s athletic teams representing Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, are known as the Southern Jaguars, while the women’s teams play under the name of the Lady Jaguars. The athletic program consists of 13 teams in such sports as football, baseball, basketball and more.

Meaning and history

Southern Jaguars Logo history

Throughout over 50 years since 1963, the Southern Jaguars logo has gone through only three updates. The oldest emblem on the list featured a jaguar in full height. The creature was walking to the left.

In this form, the emblem was used for a decade until in 1974 it was replaced by the jaguar’s head. The style used for depicting the animal remained almost unchanged. Now, the jaguar was beige with dark spots. With the mouth open, sharp fangs, and the ears positioned very low, the creature looked aggressive. Similar to its predecessor, it was facing to the left.

In 2001, a more abstract and minimal version of the jaguar was introduced. This time, the mascot was crawling out from behind the interlocking letters “S” and “U.” The current palette is lighter than the one used in 2001.

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Southern Jaguars Logo

The two colors dominating the Southern University Jaguars logo are light blue (Columbia Blue: PMS 292, CMYK: 59, 11, 0, 0) and gold (PMS 123, CMYK: 0, 19, 89, 00).