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Brown Bears is the name of an athletic program from Brown University, a private educational institution, which was established in 1764, and is based in Providence, Rhode Island. The athletic program of one of the oldest American universities is composed of 28 men’s and women’s teams, which all
Compete in the first division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Meaning and history

Brown Bears Logo history

The teams of the Brown University athletic program play in Division I of the NCAA as members of the I y League, which is also known as The Ancient Eight, the most prestigious intercollegiate conference in America, which is composed of 8 members (all are private colleges and universities), and fields 33 sport disciplines. The conference was established in 1954 and operates in the Northeast region of the USA.

What are Brown Bears?

Brown Bears is the collegiate athletic program of Brown University, which consists of 13 men’s and 15 women’s teams, competing in various sports disciplines, including Football, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Water Polo, and Crew, indoor and outdoor Track and Field, and many others.

As for the visual identity, Brown Bears have stayed loyal to the color palette and the main symbol after the redesign, held at the beginning of the 2000s. The whole logo of the athletic program from Brown University is built around the drawing of a bear, executed in not the most modern manner, but looking unique and recognizable.

1997 — 2002

Brown Bears Logo 1997

The Brown Bears logo, designed in 1997, featured an arched bold “Brown” inscription in a square sans-serif typeface, with the bodies of the letters in solid brown and a white outline. Under the main wordmark there was a red ribbon with the “Bears” written over it in thinner lines, but the same brown and white color palette. Above the “Brown” banner there was an image of a bear, with its paws spread to the sides and holding the lettering. The whole composition was set on a solid black crest in a double red and black outline. At the very bottom of the crest, there was an image depicting a bear paw, drawn in brown, and with each element outlined in white.

2003 — Today

Brown Bears Logo

The redesign of 2003 introduced a simplified version of the Brown Bears logo, with the head of the bear set under the arched “Brown” inscription, slightly overlapping it at the bottom. The color palette of both the lettering and the graphical part remained untouched, and so did the style of the two parts. Although due to the lack of elements and more white color on the new badge it looks fresh and bright, evoking a sense of confidence and professionalism.

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