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The Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) is an athletic conference that organizes collegiate sports competitions in the United States. It operates primarily on the East Coast and is known for fostering competitive sportsmanship among its member universities. The CAA is not owned by any specific entity but is governed by its member institutions. The Colonial Athletic Association was established in 1979. It is an NCAA-affiliated collegiate athletic conference (Division I).

Meaning and history

Colonial Athletic Association Logo history

The Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) is an American college football bowl game. It was founded by a group of universities in 1979. The CAA has made significant achievements in promoting collegiate football and fostering athletic competition among its member institutions. Over the years, it has gained recognition for its high-quality matchups and exciting gameplay. Currently, the CAA continues to thrive as a prominent organization in the world of college football, showcasing the talents of student-athletes and providing thrilling experiences for fans across the nation.

Before 2013

Colonial Athletic Association logo old

In the previous version of the logo, blue and gray highlights were added to the lettering. A star could be seen in the background. The design was placed inside an ellipse with a dark blue border housing the words “Colonial Athletic Association” in white.

2013 – Today

Colonial Athletic Association Logo

The current Colonial Athletic Association logo looks by far cleaner than its predecessor. There are only three letters: “CAA” (the initials of the name of the association). The letters are given in a sans serif type, which works for the overall minimalistic effect. The type is italicized, which helps to add some motion.

What is Colonial Athletic Association?
The Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) is a collegiate athletic conference that consists of universities and colleges in the Eastern United States. It focuses on organizing and facilitating intercollegiate sports competitions among its member institutions.