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The men’s athletic teams representing South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, South Carolina, compete under the nickname of the South Carolina State Bulldogs, while the women’s teams are known as the Lady Bulldogs.

Meaning and history

South Carolina State Bulldogs Logo history

The South Carolina State Bulldogs, a distinguished football team from South Carolina State University, began their journey in 1907. Playing in the NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision, they have been a powerhouse in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC). Over the years, they have clinched five black college football national championships in 1976, 1981, 1994, 2009, and 2021, and have won 18 MEAC titles, with the latest in 2021. Their record in the I-AA/FCS playoffs stands at 2–6, and they have a balanced record of 7–7 in 14 bowl game appearances. The Bulldogs are not just about football; their Marching 101 Band is renowned for its performances, often engaging in musical “duels” with visiting HBCU bands. Today, the Bulldogs continue to be a formidable presence in college football, upholding a legacy that blends athletic excellence and vibrant cultural expression​​​​​​​​.

What is South Carolina State Bulldogs?
The South Carolina State Bulldogs are a college football team from South Carolina State University, renowned in NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision. They are celebrated for their multiple black college football national championships and MEAC titles. Beyond football, they are known for their famous Marching 101 Band, adding a unique cultural dimension to their games.

2000 – 2001

South Carolina State Bulldogs Logo-2000

The bulldog was probably the most obvious choice for the main element of the athletic emblem. On the current South Carolina State Bulldogs logo, the animal is featured in front of a large red “S” with white and blue trim.

The previous version, which was used only for a couple of years in 2000-2001, was less cluttered. There was the same bulldog, while the “S” was not there yet.

2002 – Today

South Carolina State Bulldogs Logo

The logo features a dynamic representation of the South Carolina State Bulldogs, with the central motif being a determined and fierce bulldog. This character is adorned in a maroon jersey emblazoned with the letters “SC,” which signifies the university’s initials. The bulldog, illustrated mid-stride and exuding a combative spirit, conveys the athletic prowess and competitive nature of the team. Behind the bulldog is a stylized letter “S” that forms part of the larger backdrop, which is shaped in a bold and geometric design that suggests depth and dimensionality. The color palette of deep navy and maroon is both classic and assertive, reflecting the university’s colors and enhancing the visual impact of the mascot. This emblem is crafted not only as a symbol of the sports teams but also as an emblem of school identity, encapsulating the essence of the university’s spirit and the bulldog’s symbolic association with strength and tenacity.

South Carolina State Bulldogs Colors

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