Davidson Wildcats Logo

Davidson Wildcats logoThroughout the last 35 years, the Davidson Wildcats logo has been pretty consistent in its core. However, there have been a couple of subtle yet notable modifications.

Meaning and history

Davidson Wildcats logo history

1985 – 2009

Davidson Wildcats Logo-1985

The Davidson Wildcats logo introduced in 1985 featured the head of a wildcat in black and white. Behind it, a red square was placed. The square was standing on one of its angles.

2010 – Today

Davidson Wildcats Logo

The following emblem, which was adopted in 2010, has preserved the same structure. However, the shade of red has grown somewhat cooler, while the cat has been redrawn. There are fewer details and the cat, on the whole, looks less realistic.

Davidson Wildcats basketball

Davidson Wildcats basketball logo

One of the most successful periods for the basketball team was in the 1960s when Sports Illustrated ranked it No. 1 in the country. So far, the men’s basketball team has appeared in 11 NCAA tournaments.

Davidson Wildcats football

The team played its first official game in 1897. Their home arena is Richardson Stadium in Davidson, North Carolina. The head coach is Scott Abell.