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SMA (Shanghai Maple Automobiles), a subsidiary of Geely, is an automotive marque established in Shanghai, China. It was founded by Li Shufu, an enterprising Chinese businessman. This brand was conceived to produce affordable, reliable cars primarily for the domestic Chinese market. It represents China’s strides in independent automotive manufacturing, focusing on compact and economy vehicles that cater to the growing demands of Chinese consumers for personal transportation. Its inception marks a significant step in China’s automotive industry evolution.

Meaning and history

Shanghai Maple Automobiles, an offshoot of the Geely Group, was conceived in 2000, stepping into the market with its Huapu-branded vehicles. The company saw rapid development, with its production hitting 15,000 cars by 2004, highlighting a successful establishment in the market.

They aimed to upscale the brand, producing modern mid-size vehicles, and even ventured into creating what they claimed to be China’s “first hot hatch,” the Hisoon 205, albeit with modest performance. Over time, the brand underwent several evolutions, including engine updates and rebranding of models, to maintain its competitive edge. By 2005, Shanghai Maple was riding high on a production wave of 24,434 units. As Shanghai Maple Automobiles evolved, it won accolades and introduced the Hyshine AA, aimed specifically at women drivers.

The Hysoul 305 emerged as Shanghai Maple’s premium model, featuring a grille reminiscent of Audi and chrome trims for a luxury appeal. The brand’s trajectory has been one of ambition, adaptation, and the pursuit of an upmarket position in China’s automotive landscape​​​​.

What is SMA?
Shanghai Maple Automobiles, part of Geely, marked its rise in China’s auto industry in the early 21st century. It pursued blending affordability with reliability, meeting China’s growing car market demands. The brand epitomizes China’s drive for automotive independence, specializing in budget-friendly, compact vehicles.


Shanghai Maple Automobiles logo

The logo presents a striking sapphire-blue maple leaf at its core, set against a silver textured backdrop. Encased in a sleek black ring, the letters “SMA” arch above in a confident, silvery serif typeface. This emblem symbolizes both nature and modernity, a fusion of organic form with industrial aesthetics.