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Sflix is the name of a website with a decent collection of movies and tv-series available to watch online for free. The platform offers its visitors to choose from a wide variety of video content, from iconic films to the latest releases and episodes of their favorite tv-shows.

Meaning and history

Sflix is an online streaming platform with lots of movies, series, and tv-shows available for free and with no registration. Whether you are into watching a Hollywood blockbuster, or a romantic comedy from the 1990s, you will find it here.

The interface of the website allows you to browse through all the latest updates, as well as to look through the categories of its easy and simple menu. There is also a section with recommended videos if you are not sure what you really want to watch.

What is Sflix?
Sflix is website with a huge selection of movies and series available for online streaming with no registration or payment. The portal offers a catalog with all the possible categories, where everyone can find the content of his interest.

In terms of visual identity, Sflix is modern yet minimalist. The logo is composed of both graphical and text parts, but the lettering on it is only additional, secondary. The emblem is what makes the website recognizable and memorable.
The application is getting more and more popular among users from all over the world in the first place for its convenience and clean interface, with high is very easy to use for people of all ages. The design of the website is executed in the same color palette as the recognizable bright logo of the service — turquoise and blue.

2020 – Today

SFlix Logo

The SFlix logo is composed of a graphical emblem, which is most often used on its own, but sometimes is set whether on top or On the left from the simple white sans-serif logotype.

The Sflix emblem depicts a stylized gradient letter “S” in a light-turquoise color palette. The “S” is executed in a custom sans-serif typeface, with the contours slightly stretched horizontally. The ends of the lines are softened from one side and pointed from the other, which makes the letter look a bit futuristic and sleek. The upper end of the “S” line has a small segment cut. The thin dark blue line between the body of the letter and the small element adds air and lightness to the whole badge.

Font and Color

Normally, the primary version of the SFlix logo doesn’t have any lettering in sliding, it is just a sleek bold letter “S”, which is executed in a custom typeface with smooth thick lines and playfully curved tails. Although, sometimes the emblem is accompanied by a simple sans-serif inscription, set whether under it or on its left. It is usually written in a title case and features its letters drawn in medium-thick lines with distinct cuts and clean contours of a modern yet strict font.
As for the color of the badge, we can see several shades of light turquoise, with the lightest part on top (close to green), and the darkest — at the bottom (here it gets blue). Turquoise is the color standing for communication and open mind, it also evokes a sense of tranquility and balance. Although the green shades of the palette symbolize growth and wealth, and the blue tail — professionalism and stability. This is how in one gradient line the SFlix designers managed to represent the full list of the service’s characteristics, without making it look overwhelming.