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CSFloat is a marketplace specializing in trading Steam items, notably CS2 skins and items.

Meaning and history

Launched on March 2nd, 2020, the platform is helmed by Stepan Fedorko-Bartos and Ceegan Hale and has its headquarters in Wilmington, United States. It has established credibility within the gaming community, particularly among users of the Steam gaming service​​.


CSfloat Logo

The logo consisting of two parts, divided by contrasting backgrounds. The left side has a solid black background with the letters “CS” displayed in a bold, white, sans-serif font. The right side showcases a gradient background that fades from black to grey, with the word “float” written in a flowing, cursive, white script. The typeface for “float” has a modern and elegant feel, with pronounced contrast between thick and thin strokes.