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Setra is the name of a German automaking brand, which was established by EvoBus in 1951. The company is focused on the production of buses, and by today Setra has released fourteen various models, which are claimed to be one of the best on the world’s marketS

Meaning and history

The Setra visual identity is all about elegant simplicity and minimalist style. Its asymmetric horizontal banner with a thin white outline and massive lettering, also in white, looks fresh and norm fern, due to the reducing width from left to right, and slightly arched sides.

The previous version of the badge featured a more traditional shape — the straight too line and the bottom arched from the center, but unlike the present one, it was absolutely symmetrical. The color palette was also more boring — a gradient silver banner with medium-gray lettering on it. Looked cold, yet professional and recognizable.

The current logo is brighter and stronger. The dark shade of red makes the white lettering in sans-serif look airy despite the thickness of its lines, and adds elegance to the overall image of the brand. The double white and black outline of the emblem completes the picture, adding balance and professionalism.

Sometimes there is a delicate black tagline placed under the Setra badge and saying “The Sign of Excellence.” It is written in a traditional sans-serif font and looks modest yet screams quality.

Font and color

Setra logo

The uppercase inscription from the Setra visual identity is executed in a bold geometric sans-serif typeface with rounded angles of its massive letters. The font of the logo is pretty close to Personalization Regular, but with the lines of some letters softened and modified.

The dark red and white color palette of the Setra emblem looks confident and intense, showing the brand as a powerful and serious one. It also evokes a sense of expertise and authority, making the company’s customers sure of the high quality of the brand’s products and its trustworthiness.