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Genty is a renowned French automaker, with its foundation laid by Frederic Genty in 2004. The company is primarily engaged in the design and manufacturing of luxury high-performance vehicles. Nestled in the heart of France, Genty expands its operations across the globe, showcasing its engineering marvels. Genty’s commitment to performance and luxury sets it apart in the global automotive landscape.

Meaning and history

Established in 2004 by visionary Frederic Genty, Genty Automobile is a prestigious automotive company from France. The company is acclaimed for its groundbreaking work in designing and producing high-performance luxury vehicles. Over the years, Genty has achieved numerous milestones, notably the release of their flagship models, renowned for their innovative engineering and unrivaled performance. Presently, Genty maintains its position as a frontrunner in the global luxury auto industry, consistently pushing the boundaries of automotive excellence.

What is Genty?
Genty is a French automaker founded in 2004. The company specializes in creating high-performance luxury vehicles, demonstrating excellence in automotive engineering.

Genty Logo

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