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Launched by Xinghai Zhang and headquartered in California, Seres innovates in the electric vehicle and energy storage space. With John Zhang as CEO, Yifan Tang as CTO, and contributions from lead scientist Martin Eberhard, they aim for sustainable transportation globally. Expanding into Europe and Israel, they’ve partnered with Huawei and developed cutting-edge technology like the Intelligent Extended Range System for optimal battery performance in cold weather, underscoring their eco-dedication and influence in electric mobility.

Meaning and history

In the heart of Silicon Valley, Seres sprang up as a visionary entity in the realm of automotive innovation, with XinHai Zhang steering its inception. This forward-thinking enterprise, born in 2016, swiftly carved out its niche, engineering electric vehicles and devising advanced energy solutions. Under the umbrella of the Chongqing Sokon Industry conglomerate, Seres has flourished, orchestrating a symphony of engineering and design prowess, with John Zhang at the helm as CEO and Yifan Tang crafting the technological roadmap. A modest but dedicated crew of 150 by 2017 has propelled Seres forward, collaborating with titans like Huawei, especially in crafting the Seres SF5, a testament to its evolving legacy. Seres stands as a testament to innovation, meshing environmental consciousness with technological ambition, and charting a future where electric mobility is synonymous with sophistication and sustainability.

What is Seres?
Seres is an innovative automotive company specializing in electric vehicles. Founded in 2016, it focuses on integrating advanced technology with sustainable practices, contributing significantly to the evolution of environmentally friendly transportation. Their collaboration with technology partners like Huawei highlights their commitment to leading-edge electric vehicle development.


Seres logo

The logo depicts a sleek, abstract design suggesting speed and innovation, encapsulated in a circular frame that implies global ambition and unity. Its sharp angles and forward direction mirror the company’s focus on future technology and movement. The bold, all-caps ‘SERES’ text grounds the emblem with a solid, confident foundation, reflecting the brand’s strength in the electric vehicle sector.

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