Monclova Acereros Logo

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Simple and minimalistic, the logo of the Mexican League team Acereros de Monclova looks very bright and eye-catching.

Meaning and history

Monclova Acereros Logo history

The Triple-A Minor League Baseball franchise based in Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico, played its first official game in 1974. The name of the team means “Steelers of the North.”

Old symbol

Monclova Acereros Logo old

The previous version of the Monclova Acereros logo was built on a baseball inside a rhombus shape. On the top, there was a trapezium with the word “Acereros” inside. The lettering “Monclova” could be seen on a yellow banner below.

Current emblem

Monclova Acereros Logo

The new Acereros de Monclova logo is a large red “A” with a white and grey outline.


Monclova Acereros Logo baseball

The color scheme is based on a bright blue and red complemented by white.