Monclova Acereros Logo

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Simple and minimalistic, the logo of the Mexican League team Acereros de Monclova looks very bright and eye-catching.

Meaning and history

Monclova Acereros Logo history

The Triple-A Minor League Baseball franchise based in Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico, played its first official game in 1974. The name of the team means “Steelers of the North.”

1997 – 2013

Monclova Acereros Logo old

The previous version of the Monclova Acereros logo was built on a baseball inside a rhombus shape. On the top, there was a trapezium with the word “Acereros” inside. The lettering “Monclova” could be seen on a yellow banner below.

2013 – Today

Monclova Acereros Logo

The new Acereros de Monclova logo is a large red “A” with a white and grey outline.


Monclova Acereros Logo baseball

The color scheme is based on a bright blue and red complemented by white.