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ScamAdviser, founded in 2012 by an individual named Marc, assists over 3 million consumers monthly to assess website legitimacy and potential fraud. It operates under E-commerce Operations B.V. in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The platform provides a “Trust Score” for websites, based on over 40 data points like IP address, contact details visibility, URL age, and review site ratings, aiding in safer online shopping decisions​​​​.

Meaning and history

In 2018, Ecommerce Operations B.V. took over, enhancing the website’s technical capabilities and scalability.  As of 2022, ScamAdviser had reached significant milestones, like scanning 20 million websites and establishing the Global Anti-Scam Alliance to further protect consumers​​.


Scamadviser Logo

The logo represents “SCAMADVISER,” with the name in bold, uppercase red letters, signifying alertness and caution. The emblem features a checkmark enclosed within a shield-like shape in red, symbolizing security and verification. The checkmark is associated with correctness or approval, indicating the site’s function in validating the legitimacy of other websites and protecting users from scams. The use of red for both the text and emblem emphasizes the importance of vigilance in the digital space.

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