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HDMoviesPlus is the name of a website with one of the largest Bollywood movies collection available for free download. Apart from Bollywood films, here you can also find all the latest and most iconic Hollywood movies, as well as subtitles to them.

Meaning and history

HDMoviesPlus provides visitors from all over the world with the opportunity to download Bollywood and Hollywood movies and subtitles. The website does not require any registration or payments and makes the downloading process as easy as it can be.

The convenient and light interface of the website allows you to easily find the needed movie or series, and the main page of the site shows the latest updates and releases (HDMoviesPlus is regularly updated).

What is HDMoviesPlus?

HDMoviesPlus is a website with a huge selection of movies and subtitles available to download for free. Here you can find both iconic Bollywood and Hollywood films, along with the latest releases.

2020 – Today

HDMoviesPlus Logo

The logo for the online platform is composed of clean geometric lettering with some minimalistic yet bright decorative elements. The left part of the badge boasts a flat orange “HD” enclosed into a square frame, formed by four angular elements in calm shades of red, green, blue, and turquoise. The colorful element is set on the left from the black title case “Movie”, followed by an orange plus size, which is placed slightly above the main line of the logo.

Font and Color

In terms of visual identity, HDMoviesPlus is one of those websites, which do not waste time and effort on creating stylish images. They use a simple text-based logotype, with no graphical additions and ornaments, but okay with the bright color, which makes it stand out in the list of competitors.

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