Edmodo Logo

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Edmodo Logo

Edmodo is an educational platform, which was created in 2008. The service is designed mainly for teachers, enabling them sharing and managing content. Edmodo is also used at schools during the lessons with students.

Meaning and history

Edmodo Logo history

The Edmodo visual identity is very friendly and welcoming. Composed of and emblem, which is also the platform’s icon, and a wordmark, it looks modern and fresh.

The Edmodo wordmark in all the lowercase lettering is executed in a custom sans-serif typeface, with full letterforms and lines of different thickness. The inscription looks pleasant and playful in a dark blue color.

The Edmodo emblem is the lowercase letter “E” with three vertical stripes above it. Symbolizing new ideas, progress, and education, it looks bright on a yellow background and evokes a happy feeling.

Edmodo Logo

The Edmodo visual identity is a perfect representation of the educational service, which aims to provide teachers and students all over the globe with the latest content in the field of school disciplines and extra-curriculum activities.

The yellow and blue color palette of the Edmodo logo reflects the platform’s professionalism and reliability, showing its users as the main value.