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Incepted by Lindar Media in the year 2018, MrQ has carved out a niche in the digital gaming sphere with its distinctive online bingo and slot games. This platform stands out by offering bespoke gaming software that allows players to enjoy the thrill of real money wins, devoid of traditional playthrough stipulations. Under the vigilant regulation of the Gaming Commission of Great Britain, MrQ assures a trustworthy and equitable play space. The platform upholds stringent standards for responsible gaming and safeguards player confidentiality, prioritizing ethical gaming practices and the well-being of its community.

Meaning and history

MrQ entered the online gaming scene in August 2018, a creation by Lindar Media, aimed at refreshing the online bingo experience. With a commitment to creating a unique platform, MrQ distinguished itself by developing proprietary software, offering an alternative to the standard offerings in the market. The platform quickly positioned itself as an industry innovator, providing real money winnings and prioritizing user experience with fair, tested, and certified games. Operating under Lindar Media Limited, MrQ is regulated by the Gaming Commission of Great Britain, ensuring compliance with stringent gaming laws and promoting safe gambling practices​​.


Mrq Logo
The logo presents a bold, royal blue “MrQ” with a playful twist on the letter ‘Q’, giving the impression of a dynamic swirl or a loop. The font is modern and sans-serif, with clean lines and a confident presence. The ‘Q’ with its extended tail creates a visual emphasis, representing the brand’s unique and engaging approach. This simple yet impactful design captures the essence of MrQ’s fresh take on the traditional gaming experience.

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