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Saturn is an American car brand, created by General Motors Company in 1985. The brand was established with the idea of replacing Japanese imported vehicles in the USA market. It was focused on manufacturing small and budget cars, but was discontinued in 2010.

Meaning and history

Saturn Logo

Saturn was named not only after one of the planets but also after the rockets, used by NASA in 1966–1973.

The visual identity of the brand featured red and silver colors, which was criticized as the Saturn planet signifier color was always considered to be yellow.

The Saturn logo is composed of an emblem with a modern wordmark underneath it. The wordmark in black bold lettering is executed in a custom sans-serif typeface, without the horizontal bar of “A” and “U” connected to “R”.

Saturn car logo

The Saturn Emblem features a silver square frame with a red background and two silver curved lines, which form the X-like pattern. It looks like the astrological symbol of the Saturn planes but also likes the orbit of the flying rocket.

The Saturn logo is bright and creative, it stands out from the list of automobile manufacturer’s visual identities and shows the brand as the one focused on style and design.

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