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The US car brand Saleen has been loyal to its original visual identity ever since it was introduced in 1983. The Saleen logo consists of two elements: the red symbol and the wordmark.

Meaning and history

Saleen was established in 1983 under the name of Saleen Autosport. Its founder was Steve Saleen known as a professional Formula Atlantic race car driver. The following year, three cars were made as the first production run.

Today, it is a company with around 80 employees. It is based in Corona, California, USA. Saleen became a public company in 2013.

Saleen Logo


The symbol features a combination of vertical red stripes over the white or black background. The stripes have varying lengths and widths and are positioned in such a way that they resemble the road.

The wordmark features a custom sans serif typeface. Its most unique glyph is probably the “a.” While looking very much like a triangle, the letter has an unusual top somewhat similar to a ribbon that has been bent (or an exceptionally tricky turn of a highway).

The two elements of the Saleen logo can be used on its own or together.

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