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Saehan Motors is a South Korean automobile manufacturer that was originally a subsidiary of General Motors Korea. It’s mainly known for the production of commercial vehicles and passenger cars. The company was eventually rebranded as Daewoo Motors. Saehan operated mainly in South Korea but also had a presence in export markets. It played a role in the industrial growth of South Korea during its operation.

Meaning and history

Saehan Motors Logo

Saehan Motors was founded in 1976 as a spin-off from Shinjin Motors, which was a venture initially involving Toyota. It became a part of the General Motors family and focused on the South Korean market. Among its notable achievements are the introduction of the Saehan Gemini, a compact car, and the Saehan Elf, a light commercial vehicle, which were both popular in South Korea. The company was a stepping stone for the automobile industry in the country. In 1982, it was rebranded as Daewoo Motors, after which it went through various phases including bankruptcy and acquisition. Today, it doesn’t operate under the Saehan name but its legacy lives on through GM Korea and its various successors.

What is Saehan Motors?
Saehan Motors was a South Korean automotive manufacturer that specialized in commercial and passenger vehicles. Founded in 1976, it was a subsidiary of General Motors Korea before being rebranded as Daewoo Motors in 1982. The company played a role in the industrial development of South Korea.

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