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Sachsenring is a German company primarily focused on automotive manufacturing. Owned by the NIDEC GPM GmbH, it specializes in producing parts for internal combustion engines and other related technologies. With its operations mainly centralized in Germany, the company also has a global outreach, exporting products to other European countries and beyond. Known for its engineering prowess and innovation, Sachsenring has positioned itself as a competitive player in the automotive components market.

Meaning and history

Sachsenring Logo

Founded in 1901, Sachsenring was originally involved in vehicle manufacturing before pivoting its focus towards automotive components. The company has evolved significantly over the years, becoming part of NIDEC GPM GmbH. Among its major accomplishments are its expertise in piston and engine component manufacturing, which has garnered it several contracts with major automotive brands. Sachsenring’s products are not limited to just internal combustion engines; they also extend to electric and hybrid powertrains, showcasing their adaptability to modern technological needs. With its headquarters in Zwickau, Germany, the company has become an essential supplier to the automotive industry in Europe and other global markets. As of the latest information, Sachsenring continues to uphold its legacy of innovation and quality, maintaining a strong position in the industry.

What is Sachsenring?
Sachsenring is a Germany-based automotive company specializing in the manufacture of parts for internal combustion engines. Owned by NIDEC GPM GmbH, the firm operates mainly in Germany but has a global footprint. It is a key supplier to major automotive brands, renowned for its quality and engineering expertise.