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Engler is a unique vehicle creation, termed the world’s first “SuperQuad”. It’s the brainchild of Victor Engler, founder of Engler Automotive Limited. This groundbreaking machine combines the agility and involvement of a superbike with the raw speed and drama of a hypercar. Conceived and engineered with a distinctive vision, it offers a novel and exhilarating driving experience. Engler’s development stems from a 30-year dream and desire to craft something exceptional in the automotive world.

Meaning and history

Engler is a visionary company established by Victor Engler, a passionate innovator with a dream to redefine automotive boundaries. Based in Slovakia, Engler’s journey began with a desire to merge the thrill of a superbike with the raw power of a hypercar, leading to the creation of the Superquad. This unique vehicle, a blend of speed, agility, and groundbreaking design, reflects Engler’s dedication to pioneering in the automotive industry, pushing the limits of conventional vehicle categories to create something truly extraordinary.

What is Engler?
Engler is a company known for creating the F.F Superquad, which is considered the first vehicle of its kind, combining elements of superbikes with the performance of hypercars. It embodies a fusion of high-speed thrills and engineering ingenuity, representing the realization of Victor Engler’s innovative automotive aspirations.


Engler logo

The Engler logo is a stylized, geometric representation of a horse, rendered in a faceted, almost crystalline form. Sharp angles and sleek lines reflect Engler’s modern, innovative ethos in automotive design. The monochromatic logo signifies sophistication, strength, and the brand’s drive for power. The word “ENGLER” is placed below, anchoring the icon with a sense of gravity and permanence.

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