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ATK is one of the top independent motorcycle companies in America. They are particularly famous for their racing and sports motorcycles – ones with significant power and endurance. They’ve been at it since 1984, when the first motorcycle by this brand has been released.

Meaning and History

Now, most variations of their logo have been painted blue-red-white, the American colors. The bodies of their products generally have the same palette, as well. By all accounts, they are very patriotic, and this American spirit has also made it into their official image as a producer of American motorcycles.

1984 – now

ATK logo

ATK has several logo variations used on various occasions and in various coloring. However, for the longest time, they’ve had just two symbols: one meant for promotional and official material, and the other is for motorcycles. This one is the official logo.
It features three letters – ‘ATK’ – slightly tilted to the right and wearing different colors. The details like coloring and small additional elements (like the American flags here and there) may vary sporadically, but the acronym is one of the few unchanging elements.
The other two is a smaller (not tilted) word ‘Motorcycle’ in just capital letters below. It’s black most of the time. Lastly, this entire construction is encircled by a wide thin oval (also black).

Emblem and Symbol

ATK emblem

As mentioned, there is another logo ATK uses for their bikes. The coloring may differ, but the image is always the same – a tall ‘T’ with both ‘A’ and ‘K’ sheltering their closest ‘legs’ under its cap. This one is mostly put on the side of the bikes, and the exact color depends on what sort of paint the bike itself has.