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Checker Motors Corporation was an American automobile company that specialized in the production of taxis and delivery vehicles. It was founded in 1923 and owned by Morris Markin. The company was based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.

Meaning and history

Checker Motors Corporation Logo history

Checker Motors Corporation was founded by Morris Markin in 1922. It gained recognition as the manufacturer of the iconic Checker Taxi, which became a symbol of urban transportation in the United States. The company’s main achievements include producing reliable and durable vehicles that were widely used as taxis. Over the years, Checker Motors expanded its operations to include the production of specialty vehicles such as police cars and ambulances. However, due to various factors like changing market demands and increased competition, the company faced financial challenges.

What is Checker Motors Corporation?
Checker Motors Corporation was an American automobile manufacturer that specialized in producing taxicabs. Founded in 1922, the company was best known for its iconic Checker Marathon model, which became synonymous with New York City’s yellow cabs.

1958 – 1961

Checker Motors Corporation Logo 1958

The font used to print the name has a very similar style to the Livermore Script ATF Regular. The first letters are capitalized and are extending below and above the line. Although each letter is written separately, the font resembles a cursive typeface. Underneath the name, the logo has the company’s location. The most interesting piece in this logo is the emblem above the name. It has a round shape with two flags crossed in front and a checker pattern. The word “Checker” is featured between the two flags while the rest of the name curves along the bottom. In the background, there is an outline of the state.

1961 – 1982

Checker Motors Corporation Logo 1961

A more stylish and luxurious logo was presented a few years after the previous logo. It consisted of a three-dimensional round emblem with a “V” or wings coming out of the bottom. The emblem has a metallic golden color that gives it a rich appearance. The center of the emblem featured a royal red with the initials of the company placed around a small shield. At the bottom of the red circle, the emblem had “Checker” engraved on a golden strip. To add a stylish touch the designers created a border around the red center that had a striped pattern.

1963 – 2010

Checker Motors Corporation Logo

Alongside a more classic and sophisticated emblem, the company used a very simple emblem. It was just a black-and-white checker pattern with three black-and-white squares on either side. The pattern name and the brand name happened to coincide, and the brand took advantage of it. This pattern was used on Checker Taxi and quickly became very recognizable. It can also be seen in the logo introduced in 1958.

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