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The franchise traces its history to 1926. It has had the status of the Class-A Advanced affiliate of the Minnesota Twins since 1992.

Meaning and history

Fort Myers Miracle Logo history

The logo of the Minor League Baseball team Fort Myers Miracle has a relaxed and laid-back feel. It draws inspiration from local beaches.

1992 — 2010

Fort Myers Miracle Logo 1992The 1992 Fort Myers Miracle logo comes closer to the emblem of the parent team, at least in terms of the color palette. It is dominated by the navy, red, and white borrowed from the parent’s logo. The theme of the design is utterly different though. The word “Miracle” topped with a palm tree has a dark blue “ocean” underline.

2011 — Today

Fort Myers Miracle logo

The updated logo preserves the beach theme of its predecessor and makes it more pronounced by adding the water and a patch of sandy beach. Due to the addition of the new details, new colors were introduced drawing the color scheme farther from that of the Minnesota Twins.