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Rodionov and Sons, headquartered in Russia, specializes in the revival of Polugar, a traditional Russian bread wine. Under the leadership of Boris Rodionov and his son Alexey, the firm has championed ancient distillation methods, offering authentic flavors lost to time. Their primary market is Russia, but they’ve expanded globally due to Polugar’s increasing popularity. As an independent family-run entity, ownership remains with the Rodionov family. This distillery celebrates Russia’s rich spirit heritage, distinguishing itself in the global spirits realm.

Meaning and history

At the heart of the Russian spirit industry lies the illustrious Rodionov and Sons, echoing tales of tradition, dedication, and innovation. Their story, deeply entwined with Russia’s rich heritage, commenced with Boris Rodionov’s fervor—a scholar with an intense inclination towards Russia’s distillation legacy. Boris unraveled the mystique surrounding Polugar, Russia’s once-celebrated bread wine, overshadowed by vodka’s dominance in the 1800s.

Embracing the challenge, Boris embarked on a mission, navigating a labyrinth of legalities. Polugar, given its distinct production method, was on the wrong side of the law. With resilience, Boris championed alterations to these age-old regulations. By the dawn of the new millennium, he acquired the license for its production. In this endeavor, his progeny, Alexey, became an invaluable ally, leading to the inception of Rodionov and Sons, sealing a familial heritage.

Their expedition into the world of Polugar was paved with complexities. Authenticity, while prized, wasn’t congruent with modern palates. The need arose to marry ancestral formulations with today’s innovative methodologies. Through relentless dedication, they conceived a concoction that echoed the past but resonated with today’s connoisseurs.

Boris, with his vast reservoir of historical knowledge, coupled with Alexey’s contemporary insights, catapulted their humble endeavor onto the global stage. Their signature Polugar, with its unparalleled flavor profile, began its odyssey, mesmerizing connoisseurs from European boulevards to Asian marketplaces.

The Rodionov legacy, in its essence, has evaded the clutches of commercial conglomerates. This deliberate choice ensures that every drop of Polugar distilled retains its ancestral essence. Their production haven, akin to a living chronicle, stands as an ode to Russia’s vibrant tapestry.

In essence, Rodionov and Sons transcends mere entrepreneurship. With their foundational ethos rooted in familial bonds and reverence for antiquity, they’ve orchestrated a renaissance of a once-forgotten nectar, immortalizing Polugar for future epochs.


Rodionov and Sons Logo

The logo showcases an ornate emblem design, with “Rodionov and Sons” inscribed in elegant, serif lettering, forming an arc at the top of the emblem. At the emblem’s center stands a prominent, stylized letter “P”, adorned with intricate detailing that evokes a sense of vintage sophistication. This central design is encircled by the words “Private Distillery,” indicating exclusivity and craftsmanship. The entire emblem is rendered in a rich, golden hue, giving it a premium and timeless appeal. The use of delicate linework and refined typography lends the logo an air of aristocracy and heritage.

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