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Spaten is one of Germany’s most successful beer brands. It has been a leading exporter of German beer for more than a century and was acquired by Interbrew, the German subsidiary of inBev, a Brazilian-Belgium brewery giant (the world’s leading beer producer), in 2004.

Meaning and history

Spaten logo

The brand’s name, Spaten, means “Spade” in German. And the Spaten Logo contains both a wordmark and its illustrated translation.

The iconic logo was created in 1884 by Otto Hupp. The artist worked for many breweries in Munich, but only Spaten logo with the spade which symbolizes a malt shovel and the initials GS in honor of the elder Gabriel Sedlmayr, is still in use today.

The Spaten logo used a very stylish and elegant color palette – dark green with classic red with white details and gold for “Munich”.

The brand has a strong connection with its roots and tradition, which is very well shown in its logo. Spaten also uses their slogan from 1924 “Lass Dir raten, trinkets Spaten” (You are well-advised to drink Spaten).