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Ricola is the name of the European brand of cough pastilles, which was established in 1930 in Switzerland. Today the company’s drops are distributed in pharmacies and supermarkets all over the globe and offer various flavors.

Meaning and history

Ricola Logo history

1930 – 2021

Ricola Logo 1930

2021 – Today

Ricola Logo

The smooth and sleek Ricola logo is instantly recognizable across the globe and has become synonymous with cough drops of the highest quality. It looks solid and strong, yet at the same time, its bright color palette evokes a sense of reliability and friendliness.

The Ricola logo is composed of a single wordmark, which can be used in several different ways. The main version of the emblem is plain green lettering, executed in an extra-bold custom cursive font with soft and smooth lines and angles. The insignia is usually placed on a white background.

Another version of the logo is the green nameplate in a thin white outline, placed on a bright yellow background. The wordmark also has a very delicate shadow, which adds volume and dynamics to the image. This logo version is usually used on packaging. There are also light green drops packs, which also look great with a bold and solid inscription.

For the web icon, the company uses its iconic letter “R” in Ricola-green color, placed on a white square. The combination of green and white symbolizes growth, health, and life, showing the company’s purpose and reflecting its main values — customers and their wellbeing. When combined with yellow, the logo evokes a sense of energy and progress, being at the same time playful and friendly.