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Lacalut is a German dental care brand, producing a complete range for oral care. It was originally produced by Anasco GmbH Wiesbaden and was sold to Dr. Theiss in 2000. The brand sells its products in over 60 countries around the world.

Meaning and history

Lacalut Logo

The name Lacalut is based on the name of the main active ingredient of the brand’s toothpaste – aluminum lactate.

The Lacalut logo is very bright, which makes it stand out on the shelf and be one of the most recognizable brands in its segment. The logo color palette is intense red and white. The wordmark is executed in bold red typeface and located on a white background. It also has a light pink underline.

For its icons the brand uses a red square with a white lettering and underline on it. It makes the brand’s logo more visible on the websites and mobile applications.