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The baseball franchise Carolina Mudcats currently has the status of Class A-Advanced affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Meaning and history

Carolina Mudcats logo history

Although the Minor League Baseball team was established in 1978, it has a historic connection to the much older team called Kinston Eagles that started play in 1925.

The team played as Kinston Eagles and Kinston Indians before adopting its current name in 2011.

Carolina Mudcats logo

Primary symbol

Carolina Mudcats symbol

The centerpiece of the Carolina Mudcats logo is (surprise, surprise!) a mudcat, a type of catfish that inhabits the Mississippi Delta’s “muddy waters.” The mudcat, which is grey with the black outline and white details, is placed inside a large red “C.”

Wordmark emblem

Carolina Mudcats emblem

In addition to the emblem described above, the full logo also comprises the name of the team featuring two fonts. “Carolina” is given in black sans serif capitals, which look rather generic, while the glyphs chosen for the word “Mudcats” look highly distinctive.