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Reyka is a distinctive vodka brand hailing from Iceland. Harnessing the pristine natural resources of its homeland, Reyka utilizes arctic spring water and geothermal energy in its distillation process. Known for its smooth taste and purity, it has secured its place in the premium vodka market. Predominantly popular in North America and Europe, its unique Icelandic heritage sets it apart. Owned by William Grant & Sons, a family-owned Scotch whisky company, Reyka has grown in global recognition, symbolizing Icelandic purity and innovation in the spirits industry.

Meaning and history

Reyka Vodka, a name echoing the Icelandic word for ‘smoke’, began its journey in the early 2000s in Borgarnes, a coastal town in Iceland. The brand was birthed from the vision to craft a vodka that mirrors Iceland’s untouched purity, combining ancient traditions with modern innovation.

In the beginning, the creators saw the opportunity to harness Iceland’s unparalleled natural assets. Reyka became the first vodka in the world to use geothermal energy in production, a nod to the country’s volcanic origins. The water, sourced from an ancient arctic spring that runs through a lava field, offered an unrivaled purity, crucial for crafting this premium vodka.

Reyka’s distillation process further set it apart. The use of a Carter-Head still, more commonly associated with gin production, allowed for a unique distillation, enhancing Reyka’s smooth character. The porous lava rock filtration, another nod to the Icelandic terrain, gave Reyka its distinct clean taste.

Though the production methods remained largely consistent to preserve its unique character, the brand saw shifts in its ownership structure. The key turning point was when it was acquired by William Grant & Sons, a renowned Scottish spirits company with a rich history dating back to the 19th century. This acquisition amplified Reyka’s global reach and bolstered its presence in the competitive spirits market.

With its new backing, Reyka expanded into major markets, particularly North America and Europe. Special edition releases and branding campaigns emphasized its Icelandic roots, often showcasing the mystic landscapes and folklore of its homeland.

Over the years, while the essence of Reyka remained rooted in Icelandic tradition, the brand has adeptly blended innovation with heritage, making it a globally recognized name synonymous with the spirit and purity of Iceland.


Reyka Logo

Dominating the frame in bold, dark-toned characters, the word “REYKA” is spread across the top. Each letter in “REYKA” bears a distinct, weathered texture, reminiscent of worn stone or chipped paint, adding a rugged feel to the otherwise sleek typography. Below “REYKA”, the word “VODKA” is written in a simpler, crisp typeface, serving as a subdued contrast. The entire design, while minimalist, exudes an aura of age and authenticity. On the upper right corner of “REYKA”, there’s a small circle enclosing the letter ‘R’, signifying a registered trademark. The overall color palette is monochromatic, emphasizing the brand’s understated sophistication.